Alternative Lifestyle Products
  1. Disc Golf
    Disc Golf
    With so many awesome courses in our area we had to carry the supplies to have a blast. We have a wide variety of disc to choose from and may even have a bag to carry them from time to time.
  2. Hippy Gear
    We have tapestries for your wall or the lawn. Baja Hoodies. Some skirts. All sorts of old school smoking devices.
  3. Incenses
    Make your room smell wonderful. We have so many different incenses your sure to find one you like.
  1. Stickers
    If you like to have the most unique stickers that no one else will have come check out our sticker bin. Most of them are only a dollar and some are too funny. They are the perfect size to fit on a tobacco water pipe, phone, or labtop.
  2. Posters
    We have so many random posters. You are sure to like at least one if not ten. We can help you remodel your room or cover ugly wallpaper.
  3. Grow Supplies
    Grow Supplies
    We live in Vermont some times you can grow shit out side. some times ya got to grow shit inside. With our grow supplies you can grow shit where ever you want.